Azienda Agricola Caraglio has always been a mixed-activities farm, though viticulture being the main one; to be more precise, we also have cereals or stable meadow on our fields and there are fruit-trees such as apples, peaches, cherries for the family consumption as well.
The farm had comprehended a cattle-breeding (up to 65 Piedmontese-breed bovines) up to 2002. It was useful for the re-employment and “transformation” of cereals and forage. Recently, we have decided to give a more specific address to the farm and, also due to the new laws, after closing down the breeding, we decided to restore the stable and to set up the new cellar there in 2005.
At present we sell forage and cereals to neighbouring farms which re-employ them in the feeding of Piedmontese-breed bovines. There’s a small number of rabbits and hens left for the family consumption, as well as other pets.


The Caraglios first settled in “Cascina Candia” at the end of the 1920s because of the will of Piero and Mario’s grandfather, Celso called “Ceciu”, who had already dealt with agricultural, viticultural and wine-making activities in another farm in the same area.
At that time Francesco called “Cichin”, Piero and Mario’s father, and his numerous brothers and sisters were already devoting themselves completely to the work of fields and vineyards; Mario and Giuseppe, the other male brother dead before his time 25 years ago, then succeeded their grandfather.