Langhe D.O.C. Barbera "La Rutunda"

Alcoholic level
13-15% vol.
2-3000 bottles
0,75 litres (available also in bulks)

Barbera is a completely different wine from those whose base is dolcetto, its structure being milder (if it isn’t refined in wood) and its acidity definitely more marked; its scents are very fruity if it is young, while they become more winy and complex after the first 12-18 months; we don’t use wood, so the one we produce is not “lively”.
It isn’t bottled before the tenth month after the vintage. Its features espouse elaborate meat courses, even the fattest ones, such as the grills, and a lot of cheeses; the lovers of this wine like to consume it with all the courses.
After almost 70 years, the year 2007 has been the last one in which the vineyard on the top of Bric d la Rutunda, completely exposed Southwards, has given us good barbera grapes. In spite of this, the new 2006 plant which has the same exposure, just a bit downstream, will start to produce grapes in 2008: it will surely become a worthy substitute in a short time!