Dogliani and the Langhe

The Langhe are a hilly land set on the right side of the river Tanaro, on the Southern part of Piemonte, dividing Alba and Bra from the Roero westwards.

The highest part of the hills (called Alta Langa) joins the first ramifications of Alpi Marittime and of Appennino Ligure to the South.
The lowest height can be found around Alba which is at about 200 meters above sea level; as for Bassa Langa (the lowest part of these hills), viticulture and agriculture are the main activities, together with some industries and a lot of handicraft; the former, besides being present in Alba, which is a rather big town, can also be found in smaller towns with more limited activities, while handicraft is much more widespread.
On the contrary, industrial activities are less practised in Alta Langa, where sheep-breeding and cattle-breeding have developed, fostering the production of high quality cheeses, even the DOP ones (i.e. Protected Denomination of Origin) which perfectly match with the wines produced in Bassa Langa.

Dogliani is set in a privileged position, we are in the “middle Langa”, on the way from Alba to Murazzano and Bossolasco which are the main centres of Alta Langa as they are placed over 700 metres above sea level.

In order to reach Dogliani form Alba-Asti, you have to cross the area where Barolo, one of the most renowned wines in the world, is produced, and then Monchiero or Monforte d’Alba directly bordering on Dogliani. If you want to reach our farm, you have to go beyond Dogliani Borgo and Dogliani Castello towards Farigliano, as shown on the map.

Viticulture and agricultural activities are certainly the most important ones in Dogliani. The best lands and hill exposures are devoted to dolcetto, our main vine. As a consequence our wines are very different from Dolcetto d’Alba and Dolcetto d’Asti, the former being more gentle, scented, more structured and lasting longer in time.
Dogliani has around 5000 inhabitants, so we can also find a fair number of small factories and handicraftsmen here.