Dogliani D.O.C.G. "Daj Butaj"

Alcoholic level
13,5-15% vol.
around 1300 bottles
0,75 litres

It is the newcomer in our farm after the recognition of the “controlled and guaranteed” denomination on the territory.
These grapes (100% dolcetto) come from a further accurate selection of those gathered in the highest and sunniest parts of the vineyard called Surimatin and of other vineyards nearby the “butaj” that can be seen on the label. The “butaj” are a kind of barrel used in the past for the work in the vineyards. Today you can still observe them as you arrive in our farm.
This wine isn’t bottled until the month of September of the year following the vintage and we start to sell it in the second half of November.
The scent recalls the ripest red fruits and it becomes somewhat spicy after some time. It’s a full-bodied wine, that’s why it has to be matched with meat courses or matured cheeses; it is perfect as a meditation wine together with tasty snacks as well.
This kind of wine isn’t produced in less favourable years like 2005 has been for our farm, even if that was the debut year for the Dogliani DOCG. It normally gets better in its first 2-3 years and even further, maintaining excellent qualities at least for 4-5 years in the best vintages.