Who we are

Our family has always been bound both to agricultural activities and to the cultivation of vineyards. The fruits of our efforts are our excellent wines.
At present four of us take care of the farm and live there all the year long.



Gianfranco Caraglio, the youngest of us, has lately brought to the farm the knowledge he has acquired during his studies concerning the agricultural field with a particular focus on viticulture and oenology. These are the typical activities of the Doglianese area which is renowned thanks to the production of the famous Dolcetto wine.



Piero and Pinuccia

Piero and Pinuccia Caraglio, Gianfranco’s parents, after having worked in other fields during their youth, have started a full-time job in the farm from the 80s onwards, Pinuccia main activity being the housework.




Mario Caraglio, Piero’s brother, is the oldest of us. He led the farm for a long time thanks to the great experience acquired during the years, but he has recently given way to Gianfranco who however keeps collaborating with all his family.

At times some help is needed, but only during the harvesting. Grapes-gathering is a completely manual activity requiring therefore a great amount of workforce in a very short time.